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We celebrate the Nobel Prize winners with an indomitable spirit


The Nobel Prize which praises the people who contributed most for the world.

Japan was struck by the nuclear threat which has repeated 3 times, and the earthquake disasters of Hanshin Awaji and Tohoku. However, Japanese people overcame those disasters recorded in history. We celebrate the winners with an indomitable spirit and hopes for future human prosperity.

  • 2013.12.22 : Message from Santa Claus

  • 2013.12.10 : PNJC provided the Nippon Bar at Nobel Night Cap 2013

  • 2013.11.26 : Message from Dr. Akira Suzuki, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry

  • 2013.11.29 : “Dreams in the Future” PNJC Dream Project participated work opened in Public

  • 2013.11.29 : Delivering the message from Dr. Shinya Yamanaka to the schools in Fukushima