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We celebrate the Nobel Prize winners with an indomitable spirit


The Nobel Prize celebration is held every year in Sweden on December 10th, the date that Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize passed away. One of the celebration events called “Nobel NightCap” is a party which is directed by the students in 4 universities in Stockholm(*). In 2012, more than 300 volunteers participated and we were a part of them as Project NJ.

PNJC (Project Nobel NightCap Japan Committee) started to support this work and developed to create innovations and deliver the philosophy of Nobel Prize that overcomes difficulties and also to introduce the Japanese culture of hardiness formed by the repeated natural disasters.

*THS Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, SASSE Stockholm School of Economics,
MF Karolinska Institutet, and SUS Stockholm University

President of PNJC, Hirofumi Hasaba

MPUF Project Nobel Staff

Four-frame Manga Project Staff